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We are a holistic Life Science Company working for three main domains; Agriculture, Healthcare
and Career Development, with the following objectives:

1. To cultivate, grow, produce, harvest, raise, process or deal in Agricultural domain, with the vision to create a single window market for farmers and consumers for their organic consumables and other essentials without any middleman intervention and with substantial moto to give farmers debt free life to lead. To execute, we process the urban organic waste and eventually produce and process Biofertilizers with added microbial consortium to enhance crop growth and to achieve enhanced yield, this confer in extracting organic crops/consumables or products and to market with our subsidiaries.

2. To cultivate, grow, produce or deal in microbiological produce, with the vision working to build a research ecosystem to promote zero plastic and zero chemical product manufacturing and marketing in-turn to maintain sanity and healthcare in society. This can be clinched by manufacturing and marketing organic toiletries and home care, personal care products which will be sustainable and eco-friendly.

3. To Carry on the business of Providing industrial training and certification for the Life Science students and professionals with the vision to Learn Implement Fray and Earn which enables to increase the employability index in Biotechnology and relative life science fields 




We offer research training, internships, workshops and much more

Purvapara ORGANICS

We produce and deliver Organic, natural vegetables, fruits, spices, grains, pulses and other processed food products


We offer end to end counselling, structuring of research and academic projects to shape career in Biotechnology and related fields. We aim for increasing employability index in biotech sector


They have given me enough liberty to showcase my creativity and professional abilities. Treating people working in Treillis as team members and not as employees, providing them equal opportunities and considering each and every person’s opinion is appreciable.

Shreya Shroff, Intern


The team always encourages us to come up with new ideas and to work on it, meanwhile correct our mistakes when we go wrong and guide us in a right way, that really gives a positive energy to work on the project.

Kavya, Intern

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