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Fiction brought into action - Seth Fraden

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All of us in the life science background have dreamt of becoming a great scientist like Louis Pasteur or Mendel who play a key role in path breaking research that will help thousands of individuals. So here I bring forth the bio invention that even the pandemic couldn’t stop. It’s an invention of rapid healing of wounds was found by a physician Seth Fraden out of all the people.The main person behind the study is the director of Brandeis’ MRSEC (material research science and engineering center) and a professor of physics.

Scientist Fraden received MRSEC funding of $18 million, 6 years back. After which he, few graduates and his colleagues started their outstanding research work. Fraden says that  this whole experiment started a few years ago, when they learnt how kinesin, microtubules and ATP interact and function as a whole.

Scientist Fraden and his research-mates have discovered proteins that can self-heal wounds

caused by viruses. This invention is still in progress, but it seems like it has come out directly from a sci-fiction movies. The protein is found in Archaea that has curing properties and also has self-propelling liquid properties as well. It is a great asset as it possesses similar characteristics to a human.  So the proteins from the patch can easily pass through the skin layers and rapidly heal the damaged area.

For this to work the kinesis proteins utilize ATP for locomotion, as they move ahead along the

microtubules, thus caring water throughout the enclosed plastic, this is how self propelling

liquids work.

Fraden says that the self-propelling liquid can be used by diabetic patients. Or if one wants to rapidly healing the patch can be worn. It has insulin and kinesin sensing properties as well so depending on the need it will propel the liquid out.

This invention by Dr. Fraden and his colleagues remind me of the scientist in Batman: the dark knight, and vampire diaries where wounds heal in a few seconds. Though this invention has taken so many years and the final product is still under progress, yet the efforts and time were worth it. So to all my quirky scientists out there, don't give up when things get hard, think out of the box and before you know it you will be the next Fraden and team.

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Article by,

Magaly Gracias

Technical Associate (trainee)

Treillis Life Sciences Pvt, Ltd

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