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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Organic consumables- a cure for Type2 Diabetes and Obesity

According to the estimations made by WHO (World Health Organisation), by 2030, India is going to meet approximately 8 crore patients who shall suffer from Type 2 diabetes. As per the latest survey, currently, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is 14% in the population of India. With type 2 diabetes, the body has insulin resistance, which is a chronic condition. Whereas prevalence of obesity is also expanding in several areas of India. Obesity is the complex condition of having the weight above what’s considered to be healthy. Type 2 diabetes and obesity together causes the blockage of blood vessels called atherosclerosis, which leads to the cardio-related risks. So, In order to overcome these complications, an individual needs to follow balanced diet to lead a healthier life.

In recent times, a team of doctoral students administered by Umesh C S Yadav, belonging to Central University of Gujarat (CUG), Govt. of India, studied about the protein ERK5 which plays an important role in regulating type 2 diabetes and obesity. They found that the protein ERK5, along with Fisetin (a plant flavonol found in many vegetables and fruits), is very much essential for controlling diabetes and obesity.

This protein ERK5 is crucial as it supports the endothelial cells lining the surface of blood vessels, which sustains the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels and also declines the excessive glucose. ERK5 protects the cells by controlling the stress due to hypertension. The detailed mechanism of how the protein works in diabetic and obese patients is under study.

The researchers have studied - how an increase in bad cholesterol( Low Density Lipo- protein) and glucose, severely affect on decreasing of ERK5 and Nitric oxide levels which further objects to inflammation and dysfunction of cells. The dysfunctional endothelial cells trap immune cells and develops plaques, leading to the blockage and cause cardiovascular issues and fatal heart attacks. They also state that, taking into consideration of ERK5 as critical one, both diabetic and obese patients can open new avenues in prevention and treatment to cardiac patients.

The effortless solution to overcome is, the plant-based molecule Fisetin available in many fruits and vegetables like, apples, strawberries, grapes, onions, cucumbers etc., which aids to upgrade and restores ERK5. Consuming Organic fruits and vegetables, stables the cardiac functions and avoids further complications. Hence, a balanced diet is necessary for a good and healthy lifestyle.

Article by,

Blessy Beulah D

Intern, Treillis Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

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