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Love for animals meets Science

You can showcase your love towards animals and not leave the science behind. To embrace your passion for both, Veterinary Sciences is the path you need to embark on.

What is Veterinary Sciences?

In simple words, veterinary sciences are all about dealing with animals, ranging from care to treatment.Veterinary science is also to study and monitor the animal production practices, the health of the herd and to keep a check and carry out research on various diseases, they also quality check of the food supplies by maintaining the health of livestock and to examine the meat before it is in the market.

Why Veterinary Sciences?

Veterinary science is a branch to deal with the health of animals, If you are passionate about animals, their well being and also have a strong desire for scientific research and ready to take up the challenge of handling and taking care of these diverse variety of animals, then this degree is for you!!

• To start your academic journey in veterinary sciences, you need to opt for Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in your +2-level education.

• Next step is to get your Bachelor's in Veterinary Science [BVSc], a 4-5-year duration course.

How to get your BVSc degree?

• A minimum score of 50% is a must in your Class 12 to be eligible for admissions.

• Admission to the colleges through the Entrance exams either conducted nationally or by the concerned universities.

• NEET exam is the preferred entrance exam to get admitted into most of the Veterinary Colleges in India.

• Other top entrance exams are-




4. UP Veterinary Entrance exam


• BVSc Specializations you could be looking for maybe as follows-

1. BVSc Animal Nutrition

2. BVSc Animal Genetics

3. BVSc Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

4. BVSc Veterinary Microbiology

5. BVSc Veterinary Livestock Production

Beyond Bachelors

You can pursue a Master's, a two-year course specializing in a particular area to gain expertise. Specialization is offered in areas like

Animal Nutrition

Livestock Products Technology

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension

If your passion is towards research, then the logical step would be to pursue a Ph.D. for which entrance exam should be cleared.

Job Sectors for Veterinary Science Graduates

Agricultural Sector

Zoological Parks

Poultry Farms

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Animal Husbandry Departments

Animal Breeding Centers


Defence Dog Training Centers

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Meghana Girish

Content expert (trainee)

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