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Re-think, re-frame your health - Dr. Peter Harrop

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Invention & its details

Growing up through all our wild ambitions, many of us have never thought of taking up farming or agricultural studies because the profession has never been treated with respect. Although at the back of our minds we do know that we will have to grow for ourselves if our farmers stop sloughing it out in the surging sun and mucky soil. 

But don’t worry farmers there is good news for you guys. IDTechEx has come to your rescue. Also, it has made farming a lot easier and more fun. You ask how? Well, Dr. Peter Harrop has been producing all sorts of agri-robots and drones with in-built sensors. Agriculture will thrive with technology before you know it with Machine vision tech that is CNN-based and autonomous mobility.

Personality & celebrate the scientist

Dr. Peter Harrop founded IDTechEx in 1999 and is the chairman as well. Raghu Das is the CEO of the company, who has work experience with several companies from the fortune 500. He is a genius when it comes to sensors, robotics, and other signaling devices. This great scientist and founder don’t fall in the list of Founders/CEOs who have dropped out of college, he has gone up to doing his Ph.D. and later founded the company. 

Till today he writes enlightening content on various topics that are the focus of the company. He also consults and lectures globally for IDTechEx. He has made no contact or solo run agricultural businesses possible. Gone are the days farming would be all about toiling in the fields. 


These agricultural robots are too good to be true. They not only analyze the growth, development, and health status of each plant but they also carry out precise action tailored to the needs of individual flora. As of now, the robots are taking on to row grown vegetables, but later its functions will be even more diverse. 

From the initial steps from growing of the seeds up to harvesting is now automated. Some of the highlighting products include data collection, precise action on weeds, increase the rate of production, and rapid and careful collection of the harvest as well, with the help of AI, machine learning drones, and agricultural robotics. Thus bringing about a transformation in the way we farm.

My point of view

Even I never thought of taking up farming growing, until a few years, when I realized the adversities countries face without much agricultural produce. This pandemic is a huge opportunity to re-think about what we eat and encourage more youth to take up agricultural research and farming because farming has got a lot cooler.

Here is a question for you all. We all can do without money, but can any person who can do without food and water?

Article by,

Magaly Gracias

Technical Associate (trainee)

Treillis Life Sciences Pvt, Ltd

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