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Revolutionizing the food industry

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

We talk about passion, productivity, getting rich as the reasons to work. But ultimately the bottom line is to feed ourselves. We earn money to put food on our plate, which is a basic need.

Needs outweighs the wants in our life unless you are an alien. One of the popular fields that drives the food industry is Food technology. Food technology predominantly involves the techniques utilized in production, processing, preserving, packaging, quality checking and distribution. In brief, food technology is a regular travelling partner of food, right from the farm to your plate.

Why food technology?

Frankly, man isn't going to stop eating until he goes extinct. So, the food industry is an evergreen sector which will always be evolving but will never stop. If we step into a supermarket, you will see newer products with better packaging which didn’t exist a couple of years back. The food may look similar yet drastically different.

Food technology plays a vital role in finding ways to make food which is affordable yet nutritious. The ultimate goal is no man must starve.

How to start the journey of food technology

● To work in food technology, you need to score at least 50-60% in your +2 classes. The

mandatory subjects opted are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths or Home Science.

● After +2, you can choose either of the path: B.Sc. or B. Tech, depending on your goals.

● For better job opportunities and more in-depth understanding of the subject, you can

further your studies in Masters, specializing in areas of Food Technology.

● A doctoral degree can be pursued by those who have their heart set on research.

Job Profiles for graduates of Food Technology

Both public and private sectors have lucrative job offers in the field of Food technology.

Private firms who hire graduates of Food Technology include-

● MTR Foods Limited

● Agro Tech Foods

● Dabur India Limited

● PepsiCo India Holdings

● ITC Limited

● Godrej Industrial Limited

● Cadbury India Limited

● Nestle India Private Limited

● Perfetti India Limited

● Coca-Cola India Limited

● Amul

● Parle Products Private Limited

Posts you can be working under a Government department or organization are-

● Quality Manager

● Regulatory Affairs Officer

● Scientific Laboratory Technician

● Research Scientist

● Technical Brewer

● Product and Process Development Scientist

● Toxicologist

● Purchasing Officer

Some of the exams to apply for jobs in government sectors are as follows:

● FCI exam

● Food inspector exam

● Food analyst under FSSAI

● NABARD exam

In the next issue, we'll dive into whether B.Sc. or B. Tech in food technology is the best

choice for you.









Article by,

Meghana Girish

Content expert (trainee)

Treillis Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd