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Starting your journey in Marine Biology

Source : BBC

Have you always been fascinated by deep seas and oceans? Are you intrigued by what kind of organisms live beneath? Then why not pursue marine biology? Let’s dive into it

What is Marine Biology?

As the name suggests marine biology, is the study of living species in seas and oceans. You could be learning about microscopic organisms to the largest mammal on earth- the Blue Whale. Under this area, subjects like ecology, biochemistry, reproduction, conservation, anatomy, fisheries, etc. are covered.

Why study Marine biology?

71% of the earth's surface is covered in water. Of it, 96.5% of water is encompassed by seas and oceans. That makes about most of the earth entity. You would imagine that most of the oxygen we respire comes from terrestrial plants and trees. It is false- Phytoplanktons are the major source of oxygen accounting for almost 80% production. So many significant phenomena occur under the waves, and many are yet to be discovered. Knowing about marine life and understanding their role becomes vital as oceans are the core part of earth influencing every life inhabiting on earth, including humans.

Is Marine Biology for you?

Suppose you are fascinated by deep waters, possess an adventurous spirit, thirst to learn more about the marine environment and aptitude to conduct research. In that case, you will fall in love with marine biology.

How to start with the journey of Marine Biology?

After schooling, it is mandatory that you opt for biology in your +2 study programme. You can venture into the field of Marine Biology as follows-

Career Options

After pursuing Marine biology, you have a wide range of job opportunities from working in a lab to fieldwork.

1. Work in Environmental Consultancy companies

2. Work in academia

3. Be conservationists

4. Become a researcher and work in labs

5. Involve in coastal activities

Institutes that offer Marine Biology courses

1. Karnatak University, Karnataka

2. Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

3. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

4. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala

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