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What to choose-B.Sc. Or B.Tech Food tech course?

In the last issue, we covered the prospects of making a career in Food technology industry. Taking a step in that direction, we will be covering whether you should pursue B.Sc. or B.Tech for your graduation to chart out your career in the Food technology domain.

B.Sc or B.Tech

Even though you feel both the degrees are the same, it isn't. There is a difference in both the courses. These courses serve different purposes and cannot be compared if one is better than the other.

Why take B.Sc?

· If you enjoy the in-depth knowledge of areas in Food technology, then you can go for B.Sc. This course covers topics like food composition, food and nutrition, physicochemical and microbiological properties, etc.

· Specializations include Cereals, Dairy, Alcohol, Sugar, Bakery and Confectionery items, fruits and vegetables, oil and oil seed processing and meat-fish.

· If you aim to become a researcher or professor, then this course is the preferred choice.

Why take B.Tech?

· If you enjoy the application part of Food technology subject, then B.Tech is your path. The course is designed with more practical approaches.

· After you can work in industries and be part of a massive organization.

· You can enjoy learning in challenging environments and meet demanding goals.

At the core, the critical question you have to ask yourself is ‘Do you enjoy the theory aspect of science or applying the knowledge gained through the science?’. The answer lies within you.

B.Sc or at the end of the day it is in your hands, your dedication, your passion and how best you make use of the resources.






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